Server Update 10/11

Server Maintenance
October 11 5:00am Server Time

Patch Required to play the game


        • Add Lorencia PVP ring

        • Enhance Lorencia Map

        • Add More effect Pentagram errtel of radiance

        • Updated IGC.dll

        • Enable All Events: Blood Castle Devil Square And More

        • Fixed Warp to loren Market

        • Fixed Warp to event square warp using NPC rugard in loren market

        • Fixed Some Items Unable to repair including 4th wings

        • Reduce Grand Master Power vs Range Class by 10%

Posted 11 / 10 / 2016

Grand Opening 23. September!

                                 Mu Online Server x9999 Grand Opening 23 September!

                                                                               Server Open!


                                                                                 Server Info

                                                                 Exp: x9999 Master exp x9999



Max reset: Unlimited. 1 Reset Reward 30 Credits!

Grand reset: Unlimited. 1 Grand reset Reward 3000 Credit!

Arena Map Enable. 20 Mobs per spot

Box of Kundun Lorencia Bar +1ancient.+2low Exc.+3Jewels.+4Wings1/2/3.+5High Exc

Offtrade/Offlevel: Disabled

Golden Boss! Kundun Greed`s 4th Wing Drop Set To highest



More info about x9999

Underworldmu Online Season 10 Part 3

All new Season 10 part 3 features:

New Character: Grow Lancer

New Map: Nars

New Currency: Ruud

Skill Imprint

Errtel of Radiace

Added/Upgraded Muun

New Set: Mastery Equipment Bloodangel

Socketed Items + Excellent Option: Disabled


Site Info:

Referral system enabled.

When someone will register under your referral link and will get 1 grand reset, you will get reward 3000 credits.

Online Player Info


Site is set to monitor ingame player every 60seconds 100%

Ranking and Online Status are 99% accurate!



Author: Admin powerpots

Posted 23 / 09 / 2016

Currently this is only one server.